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Kazuo lets his fans have a look into his ‘SEKAI!’

The Japanese-American drops bars on a chaotic & sexy Drum & Bass groove

LiFTED | Quilla Chau | 25 Apr 2022

Japanese American rapper Kazuo just dropped ‘SEKAI!’, what he calls a “chaotic but sexy mix of JPop, JRock, Drum & Bass, Classical, and Rap!” He’s right that it’s chaotic and pretty damn sexy, but who knew all these genres would blend together so well?

Once again, with his clever bilingual flows, Kazuo is taking it to the ‘SEKAI!’, which means the world, and he’s doing it with style. He is a Gen Z master of mayhem and humor even though he feels like an outsider everywhere he goes.’ Instead of trying to fit in, Kazuo has decided to take over the world with his talent and creativity, and there isn’t anything anyone can do to stop him.

Kazuo is now calling his visuals films, taking his cues from movies and TV shows that inspire him. Just like the track, he is embracing his own brand of chaos that shows his authentic self within this music video. Kazuo is coming and his goal of being a JPop star will happen sooner rather than later.

Check out Kazuo‘s ‘SEKAI!’ below.