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Hong Kong & Mongolian culture unite in Dough-Boy & Ginjin’s ‘So Cold’

The countryside and the city shine bright with their love for Hip Hop

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 16 Mar 2021

There may be nearly 3,000 kilometers between Mongolia and Hong Kong, but Dough-Boy and Ginjin are unified because of their love for Hip Hop. In their new video, ‘So Cold,’ both MCs are in their respective spaces doing what they do best - flexing on the mic.

Ginjin is up first and it’s truly amazing to see how far Hip Hop has come in nearly 50 years from block parties plugged into light poles in the Bronx to the snowy mountain ranges of Mongolia. With a small afro, gold fronts, and of course, an eagle on his shoulder while riding a horse, Ginjin is fully representing Hip Hop and Mongolia in 2020. He and a band of Mongolian warriors are stalking the countryside while shooting homemade arrows at targets and drinking Airag, an alcoholic beverage made with fermented horse’s milk.

On the other end of the spectrum and a few worlds away is Dough-Boy, who gets his shine on in the second verse of the track from the streets in Hong Kong. Instead of riding a horse, Dough-Boy spits his verse from the back of a high-end quadster. Looking fresh to death, Dough-Boy represents the city version of Hip Hop, and it blends perfectly with Ginjin’s warrior aesthetics.

Collaboration is the name of the game in Hip Hop right now because it ends up being a win-win situation for everyone. Dough-Boy and Ginjin’s ‘So Cold’ is one of the best collabs we’ve seen in 2021 so far.

Watch Dough-Boy featuring Ginjin ‘So Cold’ here.