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Miikothe13th shines the spotlight on Singapore’s underground with JGN LANGGAR BEDOK

Long Live Miiko & Singapore Hip Hop

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 22 Dec 2023

Some MCs thrive through trends and fads. Others falter when they no longer fit into the boxes of what’s popping in this day and age. There are also ones that adapt while still staying true to their roots. Singapore’s seasoned vet, Miikothe13th, is the epitome of that very statement.

Miiko has been in and around Singapore’s burgeoning Hip Hop circuit for more than 12 years, and that longevity doesn’t come without reason. In a time where commercialism is king, and the chase for huge streaming numbers seems to be the right recipe for success, Miiko has taken the road less traveled. He has stuck to his roots and helped build the glorious underground scene that boasts some of the best MCs in the city-state.

He is your favorite MC’s favorite MC. His latest 13-tracker LP, JGN LANGGAR BEDOK, is the incredible culmination of his years both as an MC and as a trailblazer for the scene. It features a stellar cast of guest verses from the likes ofABANGSAPAU, YHB Sleepsalot, Sharbil, BDK NIP, Bazeel, Addy Khayal, ahmadjohnson69, ICY BP, and the RECKLE$$ MCs, $LICE, Afik Blaze, and Mex.Jr.

There are multiple flavors and sounds in this project, yet not one track sounds the same. You have heavy-hitters like ‘SCREW YOU NUMBERS’ and ‘KHAYAL’ juxtaposed with slow-and-wavy tracks like ‘UWU’, ‘BIDADARI’, along with the Boom Bap of ‘BDKBDK.’ Not only is this a testament to Miiko’s versatility as an MC, but it’s also a demonstration of Prodbydan’s prowess as a producer.

JGN LANGGAR BEDOK is not merely an album; it’s the display of Singapore’s underground in all of its glory. Listening to the album, one can trace the lines and connect the dots between the carpeted studio sessions to the stuffy, sweat-filled gig spaces. It’s the celebration of both Miiko’s journey as an MC, and the others around him who he has helped build up. It’s what has been at work for many years behind the scenes, now, completely unveiled, for all to take in.

Listen to Miikothe13th’s JGN LANGGAR BEDOK below.