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AE$OP CA$H delivers ‘2LIVES’ with TIMTOSHIBA

The Singaporean MC is looking to tear up the scene with RSVR SSS

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 24 Nov 2023

Coming straight outta Singapore’s underground is AE$OP CA$H, an MC whose authenticity cuts through all the noise. When it comes to assertive and outrageously in-your-face lyricism, there aren’t many who do it better than he does. It’s simply a fact that there’s not a sliver of pretense in his tracks. Whatever he spits, it’s a lived story. A personal account of his life itself.

For his latest joint, ‘2LIVES,’ he goes deeper into it. It’s a collaborative effort between AE$OP and TIMTOSHIBA, released on November 15. The track’s instrumental brings out an atmospheric sound, giving the space for the two artists’ rhymes to shine. AE$OP CA$H drops bars on how far he’s come, and how much things have changed since he started.

Speaking on his prowess as a story-telling lyricist, AE$OP CA$H tells LiFTED, “Music is like a form of therapy for me so it’s just natural that the songs reflect the things I go through in my personal life. I’ve always been a very private guy and I'm not a big fan of the spotlight, but I still try my best to be honest and sincere in the songs I make.”

He continues, “Through the years there’s been many people that have approached me letting me know about how the music has touched them or inspired them. These moments are so magical and priceless it’s worth all the anxiety and worry I get from sharing my music and my stories. In a world that’s more focused on numbers, algorithms, and the never-ending rat race, I always strive to be authentic, honest, and true to my craft. Also, I think it’s time people knew me for more than just a gangster rapper because I'm way more than just that.”

Beyond his solo pursuits, AE$OP CA$H is also tearing the scene up with a band of like-minded Singaporean MCs and producers under RSVR SSS – “We are not a collective or a record label. We are a measured organization of talented and driven individuals, a cult, a pack of hungry wolves would be more accurate but still incomplete.”

“We have the BDK boys BDK NIP and FEEGUAPO, young fifty in the flesh R0bbin, producer/rapper/gardener gebbo, Mr Jon Snow Shaunwiddaflameson, the hardest out the North East Don and Ferzzone, the one that makes sure we always sound good, the genius himself TIMTOSHIBA and also the custodians that hold the operations down Arman Arshad and Syafiq. Don’t worry if the picture is fuzzy at the moment, we have a tape coming and it’s coming in HOT. I believe in these boys and the movement as much as I believe in my own breath. I’m so excited for them to show the world what they are.”

Listen to AE$OP CA$H and TIMTOSHIBA’s ‘2LIVES’ below.