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KH from Thaitanium grabs 6 MCs for ‘True School’

This is the ultimate dream team to celebrate Old School Hip Hop

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 3 Dec 2021

With 2021 coming to an end, we celebrate the progression of Rap music and how much it has changed over time, but we can’t help craving some Classic Hip Hop. A collective of Thai rappers is here to scratch that itch with ‘True School,’ a 4-minute Boom Bap party track.

Led by veteran rapper and record label Thaitanium’s founder KH, ‘True School’ features a stellar line-up of Thai’s biggest names including Jonin, EP$ON, MikeSickFlow, K6Y, Chun Wen, and G Bear. These MCs are all from different eras but share the love of Old School.

Backed by the booming bass drum and party noise in the background, K6Y commences the block party with his energetic lyrics followed by Jonin’s fresh rhymes. EP$ON comes in third as he flexes his machine-gun-flow, boosting the track to new heights. MickSickFlow, like his name suggests, gives us a smooth ride with his sick flow. Chun Wen’s swoops in towards the end, bringing a deep and low sound. G Bear’s bravado kicks it up a notch as he ferociously drops his bars. Like the final boss on any video game, KH wraps up the robust Old School anthem on a high note. ‘True School’ is not just a tribute, but also a passionate love letter, reminding us once again that the Golden Era of Hip Hop does not die.

‘True School’ was released on Thaitanium’s YouTube channel on November 30, and has already garnered 200,000-plus views. Thaitanium as a rap group is regarded as one of the OG OG crews. Established in 2000 by KH, DaBoyWay, and Day, they were the first people that brought Bronx culture to Thai soil. Thaitanium’s debut and sophomore albums were both recorded in New York and released in Thailand, which quintessentially put Thai Hip Hop on the map. While they have laid low for the last year music wise, they haven’t stopped promoting Thai Hip Hop by collaborating with new artists. Now that they are back in the game, 2022 is going to be one hell of a year,

Check out ‘True School’ by KH, Jonin, EP$ON, MikeSickFlow, K6Y, Chun Wen, G Bear below.