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Jump on a remix with Shanti Dope

Be part of Coke Studio’s first fan-collaborated album

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 28 Jun 2022


There is a lot of noise out there in social media land. Everyone posts on social media a few times per day and a lot of these things are about doing nothing. But if you are an artist and want to get people to know you, jumping on remixes, entering contests, or doing hashtag challenges are great ways for more people to see your work.

Enter Shanti Dope and Coke Studios.

Until July 1, aspiring singers, beatmakers, beatboxers, or MCs have a chance to remix Shanti’s Instagram Reel, share it with the public, use a few hashtags, and then maybe get a chance to be on Shanti’s new song as well as Coke Studio’s first fan-collaborated album.

This is a great opportunity for MCs with skills to get their work in front of Shanti’s face, as well as all the music industry people that would be checking out the up-and-comers who post videos. Shanti drops half of a verse and then gives space for aspiring artists to do their thing. It’s a great use of technology and an amazing way to get a career in Hip Hop going. Now, let’s see those remixes!

Check out more info on the Shanti Dope and Coke Studios Remix this Reel below.