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Gloc-9 is back with another 44 bars challenge

This time clothing band Tribal is along for the ride

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 8 Apr 2022

Last year, Gloc-9’s 44 bar challenge was incredible. Filipino MCs got their cameras rolling and once they hit record, they spit hot fire over a dope beat. Rappers who were trying to get heard used the hashtag #44Gloc9challenge and got some love. A whopping 430 videos were uploaded to YouTube with that hashtag and some serious discussions were held about who had the best verse.

Starting April 9, Gloc-9 is at it again. This time, he’s got Tribal clothing brand as a sponsor, so he’s going big time. Between April 9 and May 19, users must upload a video to YouTube and get busy for 44 bars. They can use the hashtag #gloc9xtribalrapchallenge or #gloc9xtribal44bars to be found and show the people what they’ve got. The beat will be 80 BPMs so MCs need to start working on their slow flows right now.

Who will join in? Last time, anyone from bedroom MCs to superstars like FLOW G jumped at the chance. This time, we expect even more competition and fun. There are a lot of young and hungry Filipino MCs who are just waiting for the opportunity to get some shine. This is their time.