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Tiny Montana reps for Filipino Hip Hop again on ‘Where Ya From 3’

A who’s who of Filipino Rap comes together for a banger

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 15 Apr 2024

In 2020, Tiny Montana dropped a posse cut that put a light on the diverse landscape of Filipino Hip Hop. ‘Where Ya’ From’ was a monster of a hit, gaining 28 million views in 3 years and directing the world’s attention to how each Filipino state repped its own brand of Hip Hop. It was a cultural phenomenon that spawned a sequel in 2021, and now in 2024 – Tiny Montana is back with ‘Where Ya From Pt.3.’

The six-and-a-half-minute track features emcees from Olongapo [Lanzeta], Calocaan [Juanthugs, Range], Pampanga [Sinio], Paco [Kris Delano], Quezon City [Hev Abi], and Cebu [Tiny Montana]. A 90s Boom Bap beat sets the stage for an onslaught of bars while each rapper giving it their all as the pride of their city weighs on their shoulder, proving that Hip Hop across the entire Philippines burns bright.

Tiny Montana himself doesn’t provide a verse, but with his role as a mediator between the various Filipino states over the years, his invite to be on a ‘Where Ya’ From’ posse cut is a prominent co-sign on its own. ‘Where Ya’ From, Pt.3’ also comes with a music video, where each rapper raps from their hometown – showing off the sights and culture of their state, proudly proclaiming the many elements that make their turf unique.

Watch the music video for Tiny Montana, Lanzeta, Juan Thugs, Range, Sinio, Kris Delano, and Hev Abi’s ‘Where Ya’ From, Pt.3’ below.