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Pyra leads the fight in ‘hole heart’

She building a new world, one blistering song at a time

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 25 Oct 2021

Every time there is a new Pyra release, it’s guaranteed to be high quality. Whether it’s a scalding critique of slovenly men in ‘Yellow Fever,’ or accurately predicting the current madness of the world in ‘dystopia,’ Pyra aims her darts for the heart.

In her new single, ‘hole heart,’ she delivers a bleak message about humanity’s destructive nature. It’s more tribally pop with a side of grunge guitars than Hip Hop, but everything Pyra does has that DGAF Hip Hop attitude.

As she has cemented herself as a leader for empowerment and equality, Pyra talked to LiFTED about what makes her heart have a hole in it. “‘hole heart’ explores the destructive nature of humans ingrained in our DNA in our capitalist society. Survival of the fittest comes from trampling over one another to rise above. We clash and hurt each other and walk away, broken, with empty voids in our hearts. The capitalist society promotes competition over collaboration and retaliation over compassion. That is why the younger generation faces rising mental health problems and is poorer in comparison to the older generation. The ones that came before us have exploited the resources and now we’re left to deal with the consequences.”

She continued, “There's a lot of fights that I know I'll never win within my lifetime but I go ahead anyway because submitting to something unremarkable isn't how I want to live my life.”

Check out Pyra’s ‘hole heart’ below.