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Nike has created shoes for breakdancers for the Paris 2024 Games

The Nike Jam is set for release in July 2024

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 17 Apr 2024

With the Paris 2024 Games just 100 days away, Nike has signaled that they will be releasing a shoe designed specifically for their team of breakdancers to wear when they get on the floor in Paris, France in order to win the first-ever Breaking gold medal.

For the past four years in the Nike Research Lab, shoe experts have been testing and gaining insight into what makes a shoe perfect for breaking. They’ve had B-boys and B-girls wearing prototypes while collecting feedback to design a pair of kicks that slides and glides but yet maintains enough traction to bust big moves.

The Nike Jam is a low-cut mesh, leather, and suede shoe that is perfect for the footwork of Breaking. Expect these shoes to be the look of the summer once the B-boys and B-girls are seen everywhere with them.

The Nike Jam will be available at in early July.