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BIBI sets the standards with the cinematic ‘BIBI Vengeance’

Revenge is a dish best served cold

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 21 Nov 2022

Korean cinema has a long and brutal history of revenge flicks. The Man from Nowhere, A Bittersweet Life, and of course the Vengeance trilogy of OldBoy, Lady Vengeance, and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance come to mind. South Korea’s BIBI, with her new single ‘BIBI Vengeance’ from her album Lowlife Princess: Noir, is up there with its cinematic telling of revenge.

BIBI and her crew are not to be f#&ked with

The setup is simple. BIBI is with a politician who is trying to put the moves on her. When she rejects him by pushing his hands off, he pours a bottle of soju on her head. That’s when she turns into a “real bad bitch.” With her 20 friends and dancers, they kidnap the politician, put him in the middle of a dirt lot, and do donuts around him while BIBI sings and raps out the window the a fresh AF Latin beat. Soon, he’s getting water poured on him in a cage while begging for forgiveness. Eventually, he’s buried alive by BIBI and her crew. Did we mention that BIBI is doing all this in heels and a short skirt while making some TikTok dance moves?

BIBI is one tough cookie. From her last video, ‘Animal Farm’ to this song, she’s on another level with the cinematography, the visuals, and the looks. No one is doing anything remotely as cool as BIBI is, which is why she’s going to be doing this for a long time.

Check out the video for BIBI’s ‘BIBI Vengeance’ below and listen to the album Lowlife Princess: Noir as well.