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The Jakarta-born MC makes Drill music to drive to

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 28 Jan 2022

In life, harmony is hard to find. Some people work way too much and are solely focused on their careers. Others could care less about work and have an attitude that every day is a holiday. Still even others fall in love at the drop of a heart emoji and disappear until that relationship expires. Def Jam Indonesian artist A.Nayaka is back for the new year with ‘Balance,’ a song that discusses the struggle to adjust and stabilize oneself in modern times.

Like a treasure in a fairytale, balance seems to always be just over that next mountain top. A.Nayaka still strives to find the right equilibrium. “Two things that I personally have always struggled to balance are money and love life. Somehow I never have both at the same time, so when I wrote 'Balance,’ that's the narrative I wanted to go with."

‘Balance’ is constructed over sharp Drill drums purposefully by wolfy, who does the beats for Malaysian group K-Clique and others. A.Nayaka has been getting into Drill for a while and especially loves to listen to it while riding in a car. “That drum pattern is the only reason why I’m calling it Drill. Other than that it’s still my music. I’ve always loved to describe my music as driving music. Simply put, I just felt the necessity for melodic Drill in the genre somewhere,” said A.Nayaka.

While Drill is usually associated with drugs, murder, and gang violence, A.Nayaka is going for the more wholesome approach to his music with his smooth delivery of lines like, “Shawty bad, but law-abiding.” On one hand, it’s a hard beat; on the other hand, it’s a generally PG-song that you can listen to with your family. A.Nayaka has finally found where the actual balance in ‘Balance’ is.

Check out A.Nayaka’s ‘Balance’ below.