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Chinese censors couldn’t keep up with Megan Thee Stallion at Coachella

Unintentional comedy by censorship delighted people on WeChat

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 21 Apr 2022

For those that know anything about Megan Thee Stallion, it’s painfully obvious that her lyrics and shows are sexually charged, riotous affairs that push the envelope in all directions. With song titles like ‘Big Ole Freak,’ ‘Cash $hit,’ and of course, ‘WAP,’ it's easy to say that she’s not on a mission to conquer the world by being conservative.

This past weekend, Meg was one of the top performers at Coachella, attracting a crowd in the tens of thousands to her rowdy, rambunctious, and provocative performance on the main stage. The Coachella livestream on YouTube was going nuts for all her songs and even loved a new diss song she premiered on the night.

Unfortunately, some people didn’t have a good time watching her show. WeChat, China’s ubiquitous and strictly-regulated social media platform, joined in the fun for the Coachella livestream, because you wouldn’t want 1.4 billion people not to see the hottest acts in the world. The people censoring Meg Thee Stallion’s performance on WeChat were tasked to put black boxes around anything deemed offensive. Since Meg and her dancers were wearing high-cut bodysuits, the censors were working overtime during her performance which made for great unintentional comedy as black boxes were flying everywhere, but not on the dancers.

On the WeChat livestream, viewers were laughing uncontrollably with emojis. One viewer even wrote, “Just give up, brother. Your fingers can’t keep up with the booties” before dropping a few laughing emojis. During ‘WAP,’ Chinese viewers who have been locked down for a few weeks because of COVID-19 even commented that the song was about Shanghai’s Puxi district.

Meg’s performance has been taken off WeChat, and the ‘Hot Girl Summer’ singer proves once again just how hard censors have to work to edit inappropriate material.

Check out Meg Thee Stallion's censored performance below.