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Tuan Tigabelas, SicknessMP & Mary Su take us for a ride with ‘Westside’

Old School Boom Bap & R&B make the perfect combo

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 25 Nov 2021

Jakarta has a rich culture and vast diversity in different regions. Central Jakarta is known to be the wealthiest, the Northside is heavily inhabited by Chinese Indonesians, and the Westside is considered to be the not-so-nice part of town. Born and raised Westsider Tuan Tigabelas however sees that as his strength, so he teamed up with SicknessMP to rep the Westside with a soulful Old School Boom Bap track titled ‘Westside.’

‘Westside’ hits harder when you are familiar with 1990’s and 2000’s Golden Era arrangements, slickly pieced together by SicknessMP. After some melancholy keys start off the track, Tuan gets real by laying down his personal stories, from a rough childhood to his hustlin’ teenage years, and how he eventually got into making music as a career. Featured R&B singer Mary Su comes in mid-track to bring some depth and sultriness repping the Westside life. Tuan also expressed his gratitude and respect to the people of Westside in the second verse. If not for his life on the Westside, he would not be the successful rapper doing what he loves now. With Tuan’s smooth flows and MPSickness’ soothing beats, ‘Westside’ is presented as a strikingly profound tale.

In case you are now curious about how the Westside looks, Tuan takes you on a quick trip in the music video. Shot in black and white, Tuan and his crew tour around the now-vitalized Westside, finding pleasure in the small things like cycling, skating, drinking, and rocking out at a block party. The video is 100% good vibes, and it is respectable for Tuan Tigabeles to pay homage to his hometown.

Check out Tuan Tigabelas, SicknessMP, ft Mary Su’s ‘Westside’ below.