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HUSTLANG Robber is an Auto-Tuned G

‘The Captain’ delivers the vibes on ‘LILYHAMMER’

LiFTED | Sean D | 23 Nov 2021

Vietnam's Hustlang is a Rap gang, and Robber is their captain – don’t get it twisted. Apparently, the crew runs 25 deep, and HUSTLANG Robber is running things and releasing music at a hectic pace ever since he blew up on Rap Vit season two. With his number two ‘First Lieutenant’ VSoul at his side, Robber breaks off a smooth Auto-Tuned rhyme over a chunky G-Funk-inspired beat that oozes Cali vibes. Then the chorus of ‘LILYHAMMER’ slides into a Reggaeton rhythm and it’s all good, as Robber reminisces about a sexy episode while remaining chill and smooth.

Him and his boys drink wine from the bottle and do what homies do – chill out and get lifted. The whole vibe is DIY, and the video could almost be an old VHS tape, but that’s what makes it vibey and real. The way things are going for HUSTLANG Robber, we have no doubt that the budgets and production values will only go up.

Check out HUSTLANG Robber’s ‘LILYHAMMER’ below.