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J-Hope goes back to his breaking roots on Hope On The Street Vol.1

The BTS member’s album also comes with an accompanying documentary on Amazon Prime

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 8 Apr 2024

As an artist continues to grow in stature, it’s refreshing to see them revisit the influences that led them down the path of stardom. After over a decade in one of K-pop's biggest boy bands, BTS, J-Hope’s latest album sees him reshare his love for street dancing on his latest album Hope On The Street Vol.1.

In the vein of his collaboration with J. Cole last year with ‘On The Street’, the tracks on this record are a celebration of the many sounds that shaped J-Hope’s street dancing between his hometown, Gwangju, and Seoul, South Korea. A mix of Pop [‘i wonder…’], Funk [‘lock / unlock’], House [‘i don’t know’], 90’s Hip-Hop [‘what if…’], and Pop-Eap [‘NEURON.’]

‘lock / unlock’ and ‘NEURON’ deserve special mention – each of them a departure from BTS’ recent Pop-centric hits and J-Hope’s own usual Rap-Rock or Trap-centric offerings. The former is a funk beat collaboration with the legendary Nile Rodgers with a little magical dust sprinkled in courtesy of Benny Blanco.

‘NEURON’, on the other hand, is named after the underground dance crew of the same name that J-Hope was heavily involved in during his pre-debut days. It’s a track that explores the influences that have led J-Hope to this point in life, and it looks toward the future and how he can honor it.

The album comes with a 6-part docuseries titled ‘Hope on the Street’, which follows J-Hope on a journey of self-discovery. He’s accompanied by his former instructor, Boogaloo Kin, as they make their way through the dance scenes of Osaka, Seoul, Paris, New York, and his hometown respectively.

Watch the music video for J-Hope, Gaeo, and yoonmirae’s ‘NEURON’ below.