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BIG Naughty is doing big things on ‘Lovey Dovey’ & ‘Vancouver’

The 2 singles are backed by an exemplary performance on Dingo Freestyle

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 10 Mei 2022

BIG Naughty is doing big things. He’s got an EP set to release at the end of May, so beforehand he’s releasing two singles to build some hype. The songs ‘Lovey Dovey’ and ‘Vancouver’ show where BIG Naughty is going and that’s basically all the way up.

In ‘Lovey Dovey,’ a duet with meeoni, Naughty is in the honeymoon phase of love and the song is written from both the man and woman’s perspectives. It’s full-on R&B with a splash of Boom Bap Hip Hop in the drums, and it promises to make the ladies go wild. On ‘Vancouver,’ Naughty is a bit more Hip Pop as he’s talking to his fans about a lost love from six years back. She left him and jumped on a plane to Canada, and he still can’t stop thinking about what could have been.

The songs are a satisfying way to show which direction BIG Naughty is going. He comes from a Hip Hop background when he did well as a 15-year-old on Show Me the Money, but now, Naughty is aiming for the Pop audience.

With that, he gets his own Dingo Freestyle, where he has a visual for both tracks. In ‘Lovey Dovey,’ meeoni is nowhere to be found, so Naughty sits on his own park bench with a few balloons and sings us his song. For ‘Vancouver,’ he heads to a movie theater and grabs a box of popcorn. As soon as he’s done getting his snack on, Naughty goes into ‘Vancouver,’ and it’s an intimate performance aimed at his lost love.

H1GHR MUSIC knows exactly what they are doing with BIG Naughty’s career. He’s young with heartthrob looks and can play both the R&B crooner or the Hip Hop superstar at a moment’s notice. Look out for BIG things from him in the future.

Check out BIG Naughty on Dingo Freestyle below.