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Glammas welcome in the Year of the Rabbit with ‘That Lunar Cheer’

This is not the first time that the elderly women have picked up the mic

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 23 Jan 2023

As families around the Asian diaspora celebrate Lunar New Year with food, fun, and red envelopes, some grandmothers in San Francisco have dropped their own track. The Grand Street Follies, an elderly cabaret dance troupe, released ‘That Lunar Cheer,’ with the help of local MC and activist, Jason Chu.

Aged between 67 and 82, these leaders of the old school are connected with Hip Hop music, because “What better way to express ourselves is through poetry, which is a song with rap," said Follies co-founder Cynthia Yee to NPR.

Loyal readers of LiFTED will remember that in June of 2021, we featured the glammas [glamorous + grandma = glamma] rapping against Asian hate crimes. That song, ‘Gai Mou Sou Rap,’ showed the ladies chasing away all the bad things with their feather dusters and earned 90,000-plus YouTube views.

In ‘That Lunar Cheer,’ things aren’t as serious. The three main rappers are dripped out in Hip Hop outfits, from all-red Adidas tracksuits to tougher-than-leather coats. They send love out to mahjong, dim sum, the spring cleaning of floors, and of course, they make it rain with red envelopes.

This light-hearted video is guaranteed to spread smiles and good luck throughout all the households that have OGs also known as ‘Original Grandmoms’ in them.

Check out ‘That Lunar Cheer’ by the Grand Street Follies below.