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Taekwoncre & Tiger JK aim to globalize Taekwondo with ‘T.K.D’

The video shows an array of incredible athletic achievements

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 13 Feb 2024

Two years ago, the World Taekwondo Demonstration [WT] team blew the roof off of America’s Got Talent when they did two minutes of flips, wood breaking, and kicks higher than have ever been seen before. They were so good that one of the judges, Terry Crews, didn’t let the judges vote and put them in ringing the golden buzzer.

That video is now at 41 million views, so the WT knows how to make people take notice. TAEKWONCRE is a Korean crew that brings together athletes from the WT and they linked up with Tiger JK for a new video ‘T.K.D’ with a goal to globalize Taekwondo. The choreography is unmatched as they really take these demonstrations of their abilities to the max. And then adding one of the best Korean MCs of all time with some music that dabbles in a wide range of genres is genius.

Watching the start of ‘T.K.D,’ it’s very easy to see why martial arts and breaking go so well together. The energy is hype right off the bat as Tiger JK goes double time over the drum-heavy beat. At about halfway through the video, Tiger gets in on the action as the martial artists use him as a prop to hold wood they are going to break while doing flips or to jump over to smash concrete planks.

Check out Taekwoncre and Tiger JK’s ‘T.K.D’ below.