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Yung Raja sizzles in surprise 3-track EP Mike

The Singaporean Hip Hop star goes hard in the paint

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 2 Nov 2021

Albums are becoming outdated in modern times with the way people listen to music. Nowadays, if an artist makes a few songs they like, they can release them on a whim and people will eat it up. A perfect example of this is Drake, who releases EPs, playlists, mixtapes, and even loosies, songs that he just wanted to get out into the universe because he thinks people will be feeling them.

Without warning, last week Singaporean Spice Boy Yung Raja dropped a three-song EP called Mike on Def Jam Singapore, and it showcases his lyrical prowess. In the first song, ‘SHEESH [Godspeed],’ Raja throws down the gauntlet and raps like he’s never rapped before. It’s two minutes and some change of nearly acapella lyrical fury that leaves people’s jaws on the ground. One can imagine that the engineers in the recording studio started screaming after he finished this one.

The second and third tracks, ‘MIKE’ and ‘SHMOKE’ respectively, are also lyrical gems. Raja really got in his zone for this EP. Of the songs, Raja said in a press release, “This project came from a different part of my soul that I’ve not put on paper before.”

One wonders if after seeing the good-natured jokes on the Jimmy Fallon show about his song ‘Mami,’ Raja got a fire lit under him so he went into the booth and started spitting that hot lava.

Check out Yung Raja’s Mike EP below.