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Yeti Out celebrates 10-year anniversary with Woo Tang T-shirt

2 Pai Meis gets busy behind the controller & much more

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 8 Mar 2023

With stellar sets with Yeti and Friends at Wonderfruit in December and most recently, last weekend at Clockenflap, the Yeti crew is turning up like there’s no tomorrow. Just ahead of their takeover at Clockenflap with Fergus, Charity SSB, Subez, and Gaika on the Robot Stage, Yeti announced a collab with Pleasures, a Los Angeles fashion design company, as well as NYPD南洋派對, a psychedelic rock band who released a record on Yeti Out’s label.

The shirt, on sale at Yeti Out’s website now, has two versions of the same Pai Mei-like character battling it out behind a DJ controller. The shirt, designed by DJ Healthy, celebrates 10 years of Yeti Out just doing whatever they freakin’ want to do. Whether they are running BELOWGROUND, playing at parties celebrating Futura, doing a hardware shop, or going to Cairo to get wild with it, Yeti Out deserves their praise and admiration for a decade of being different.

Now, they are doing 10 projects in 10 cities to celebrate their 10 years in the music and fashion industry. And just like Yeti Out would, they're not exactly announcing what it is yet, but we can all bet it will be dope.

Check out Yeti Out’s 10-year anniversary video below.