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Go back to the 80s NYC with Time Travel at BELOWGROUND in Hong Kong

JPS Gallery’s interactive exhibit includes collaborative works from Cope 2, China Lam & Afa Annfa

LiFTED | Sean D | 22 Mar 2021

A cleverly curated art show opened Thursday, March 18 at the hot new BELOWGROUND space in Landmark, Hong Kong. Billed as an ode to the golden age of 80’s street art in New York City, Time Travel goes the extra mile with authentic MTA turnstiles, vending machines, platform benches, and a single subway car complete with wall-to-wall graffiti. The only thing missing are the Guardian Angels. The show features new collabs from Bronx graf legend COPE 2 and Hong Kong artists Chino Lam and Afa Annfa. Full of pop culture references, there are works that include brands (Playboy, Rolex, McDonald’s), icons like Michael Jordan, action figures, and toys.


COPE 2 was a non-stop, citywide presence in 1980’s New York with his trademark bubble letter tag. Since the 2000s, COPE 2 has been a gallery presence and has collaborated with brands like Adidas, Converse, and Time Life. Chino Lam rose to fame in Hong Kong through his bold use of fine art mixed with pop culture references. He co-founded the brand Moyashi and has won the prestigious American ‘Designer Toy Award.’ Afa Annfa is an emerging star on the Hong Kong scene. Coming out of the advertising world, she is known for her diverse references, from Japanese comics to pop culture images.


Time Travel is well worth a visit if you happen to be in Central, Hong Kong. The exhibition captures key elements of 80’s New York, from the tagged-up train, to the Krylon cans, and even a legit boombox in the corner cranking out ‘The Message’ by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.

JPS Gallery really got this one right. And it’s another win for BELOWGROUND, the new music, fashion, design space in the basement of Landmark that boasts a DJ booth as well as retail and exhibition space. It’s curated by the Hong Kong-Shanghai creative cartel Yeti Out.


Time Travel at Landmark Hong Kong is running from March 18 to May 16.