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Namewee ‘dies’ on April Fool’s Day

The rapper & content creator has something big planned for today

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 1 Apr 2024

Namewee has made a career out of courting controversy for views and likes. He’s made songs mocking pink panda bears and cosplayed like a rich Middle Eastern in ‘Ya Gamila’ for the World Cup. At the stroke of midnight on April 1, the rapper and content creator released a photo of himself with “1983~2024” posted next to it indicating that he had ‘died.’

A few hours later, as comments came rolling in wishing him to rest in peace, a photo with Namewee in a chair was posted stating that ‘The Ghostician’ was having a farewell ceremony and telling people not to send wreaths. People also noticed that it was April Fool’s Day and Namewee likes to mess with his fans.

At LiFTED, we love a great April Fool’s Day joke. Last April 1, we predicted that Thailand was getting too high from their newly legalized ganja and that the government would soon recriminalize it. Unfortunately, that’s what happened and medical marijuana will soon only be allowed on the streets.

As for Namewee, LiFTED hopes he has not passed, and this elaborate prank will play out to him premiering a new video that will please his two million-plus subscribers and nearly one million Instagram followers. We’re expecting something ghost-like to go with resurrecting like Jesus.

More info coming soon.