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Hong Kong’s Yeti Out & Cairo’s UNTY link up for Arabic & Chinese collab

Be more like Yeti Out

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 22 Jun 2022

Yeti Out has been doing some of the coolest parties, pop-ups, and collabs in Hong Kong for years. When the most recent lockdown started to let up, Arthur Bray, one of the co-founders of Yeti Out, was dying to get out. He really trusts his instincts, and his recent experience that he posted about on Instagram is a great example for people to follow that want to grow their independent brands in other countries by looking for like-minded people, crews, or businesses.

Arthur was heading to Egypt and was looking for connections from his friends. He got in touch with Omar Mobarek from UNTY designs and within an hour, they had a party planned at Yellow Tape Records and some Arabic and Chinese designs for merch for a pop-up that would be happening in two weeks.

In his post, Arthur said, “In a country of 100 million I lucked the fuck out to have connected with Omar and his crew - the nicest and coolest people in town! I booked my flight on impulse and lugged a bag of records and merch from Asia, knowing virtually nothing and no one. I didn’t even know what Omar looked like until we met for midnight shawarma last Monday when I pulled up to Zamalak after landing.”

Yeti Out & UNTY pop up party flyers

He continues, “The whole project was done via text, no agent, no middle man, no bs. Just two penpals making moves! Moral of the story? Trust in the intuition, build with your friends, and look out for that tweaked/ADD always-ready-to-get-down energy crew in a city near you!

Moral of the story: Be more like Yeti Out.

Yeti Out & UNTY designs

Check out a playlist made by Yeti Out and UNTY below, as well as a link to their collab here.