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Bangkok’s Joyman Gallery to host a genre-blending art exhibition AWESOME DUDE!!

Putting street & pop-surrealist art on the main stage

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 14 Jan 2022

While graffiti and street art are getting more attention from the art world in the West, there is still controversy about how this particular art form shall be treated in Asia. To bring fresh air into the stale art scene, Bangkok’s Joyman Gallery is hosting its most ambitious exhibition yet with the AWESOME DUDE!! exhibition, a showcase that puts street art and pop surrealism under the spotlight.

The AWESOME DUDE!! exhibition features work by 35 Thai and international artists while focusing on street art and post-surrealism, two art forms that the high art community finds obscure. Spanning paintings, sculptures, prints, murals, and toy art, the exhibition is all about speaking the common language of revolting against capitalism, the art audience, art organizations, collectors, and art critics without finger pointing. AWESOME DUDE!! fully immerses its viewers into the fun, inviting, and vibrant world of street art and pop surrealism.

The stellar cast of artists definitely deserves a mention, such as local Thai street artists JECKS BKK and Mauy, who has acted as the ambassador of Thailand’s graffiti by participating in street art events all over the world; young street artist Bonus TMC and Faiwa Lai, who will be showcasing their huge mural drawings during the exhibition; and an array of local and international artists including Nongpop, CNJOY, ERTH, and more.

The AWESOME DUDE!! exhibition will open to the public on January 16 and run until February 27. The opening party with live graffiti and mural painting shows will happen on January 16. Admission to AWESOME DUDE!! is free.

Check out Joyman Gallery here for more info.