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Malaysian street artist FriTillDea’s exhibition Kriau is a celebration of his hometown Gombak

Skateboarding & graffiti come together in a new fashion

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 22 Dec 2021

2021 has been a great year for graffiti as more artists have been given opportunities to showcase their artwork in exhibitions and events. Gombak-raised FriTillDea is the latest to chase the last train of the year with his debut solo exhibition Kriau at the Vans Lot 19 Skate Space in Gombak, Malaysia.

The Kriau exhibition is a cultural celebration fueled by FriTillDea’s striking passion for street art and skateboarding. Kriau, meaning noisy or over the top, is a reference to street lingo used by Gombak’s locals back in the day, which FriTillDea sees as the perfect theme to reflect his 10 years as a street artist and his artistic roots.

Kriau features FriTillDea’s signature mural artwork, fully-doodled skateboard and skating-obstacles, all spray painted by hand. This extraordinary skating installation involves an immersive projection mapping with digital illustrations that allows audiences to get into the colorful, surreal landscape that is heavily inspired by Gombak.

Other than the featured art, Kriau is also described as a safe space where audiences can bring their own skateboards and contribute to the exhibition by skateboarding and doing their own graffiti tags with spray paint in a dedicated section. In his own fashion, FriTillDea has conveyed the conventional gallery into a community-driven playground that is both playful and intriguing while presenting his hometown to the world.

Self-taught artist FriTillDea got into street art while working a full-time job in sales in his twenties. Through trial and error, the Malaysian artist eventually came up with his own style and got his name out there to work with international brands such as Obey, Vans, Ultra Japan, TM Net, RedBull Malaysia, and more.

Kriau Art Show by FriTillDea is open to the public until December 26, 2021 in Vans Lot 19 Skate Space, Setor Gomba, Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia.

Learn more about the event here and watch the trailer for the event below for a sneak peek.