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Watch MIC CHECK Part 1: Behind Whats Good Music Awards 2022

Quest Studios goes behind the scenes of the postponed ceremony

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 1 Apr 2022

At the end of January, the Whats Good Music Awards 2022, Hong Kong’s first-ever Hip Hop awards ceremony, was indefinitely postponed due to COVID-19. Quest Studios, who brought us the amazing documentary about Bboy Think and his quest to make the 2024 Hong Kong Olympic breakdance team, is back and they have a lot of behind-the-scenes access to what was going through the minds of the crew from the Whats Good Music Awards 2022 as the situation in Hong Kong took a turn for the worse.

The idea of Whats Good Music Awards 2022 was to push music and songs that aren’t in the top 10 or the top 20 because those are the only ones that become popular in Hong Kong. The partners believe that there is about to be a great shift going to happen, and they are creating a platform for that.

“I hope to influence canto speakers. Instead of just listening to mainstream hits and singing karaoke, give Rap music a go. It’s pretty good, too. You can also do karaoke and resonate with the lyrics. That would be great. Yeah, that would be dope,” says Phat from 24Herbs as he explains why he wants to put on the Whats Good Music Awards 2022.

His partner JBS says he wants there to be a way for Hip Hop to get heard in a non-mainstream way. “I just think, damn, you’re so nice with so few opportunities. If there are opportunities, I’m gonna try and push for it.”

Quest Studio’s cameras were there when Carrie Lam announced that all entertainment venues would be shut down. Things get emotional when Phat reveals that his father had cancer at the same time and it was good the awards were postponed.

While the Hong Kong restrictions are in flux at the moment and there hasn’t been a new date for the Whats Good Music Awards 2022, Phat is sure it will happen. With the Hip Hop attitude and mindset that has been ingrained in him for so many years, he says, “It won’t fail.”

Check out Quest Studio’s MIC CHECK Part 1: Behind Whats Good Music Awards 2022 below.