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Make or Break chronicles Bboy Think’s quest to make the 2024 Olympics

“My style is like a maze, with music as my guide to every exit.”

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 18 Jan 2022

“I’ve been daydreaming about the Olympics” are some of the first words that Bboy Think utters in the new documentary about his quest to make the Hong Kong team for the 2024 Olympics, Make or Break, by Quest Studios.

For nearly 50 minutes, Make or Break goes behind the scenes on the road to qualifying for the 2024 Hong Kong Breakdance squad with this 29-year-old Bboy who has committed himself to go all-in for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Think hasn’t had an easy life as his father passed away suddenly when he was younger and his mother abandoned him and his brother because she had a US$1 million debt from a gambling addiction. Think had to quit school and get a job filling out clothing orders to help pay back this money. Breakdancing was the way that Think could forget about the adversity in his life and a place where he was his true self.

Once the Olympics were announced for breakdancing in 2024, things changed. Breakdancing is no longer thought of as a thing teenage ruffians do while hanging out at the park. Instead, it has gone from a Hip Hop subculture to one of the events that will generate the most amount of interest at the Olympics in Paris, France.

To qualify, Think has to get the highest points in two out of three Bboy competitions in Hong Kong with all the top dancers aiming for the same thing he’s doing. It’s mesmerizing to see what happens when someone doesn’t win, then starts to put in the effort to get better. For Think, that’s training with a CrossFit friend as well as thinking outside the box.

With interviews of friends, family, his Good Job Brother crew members, and other established Hong Kong Bboys, Make or Break does an exceptional job of making the documentary touching, tension-filled, and heroic all at the same time. In one of the most touching scenes, the director asks Think what he would say to his father if he was still here. Think replies, “Dad, I’m not messing around. I’m serious. I truly feel that dance is the life in me.”

Check out Quest Studio’s Make or Break below.