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DOUBLE DUCKS: The Giant rubber ducks are back in Hong Kong after a decade

What’s better than one duck? Two!

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 5 Jun 2023

A decade ago, Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman caused quite a commotion in Hong Kong when he brought his world-famous rubber duck to the harbor. His giant inflatable duck was on display at the Tsim Sha Tsui pier and attracted more than eight million visitors in a month.

Now the duck is back and it brought a friend.

DOUBLE DUCKS is the name of the exhibition starting on June 10 that celebrates the 10th anniversary of the ducks in the harbor. Brought out by AllRightsReserved and the Hong Kong Tourism Board, the 18-meter ducks will move around this time from Tamar Park to Central and Western Promenade.

In a press release about the DOUBLE DUCKS, the organizers state, “In Chinese saying, good things come in pairs. This grand return as DOUBLE DUCKS is inspired by symmetrical characters 囍 [happiness] and 朋 [friends], symbolizing a symbiotic prosperity in partnership, friendship, and doubling the happiness of coming together as one. In the imminent transformation of Victoria Harbor into a colossal bathtub, the DOUBLE DUCK will be juxtaposed amusingly with the vibrant skyline of the harbor, constructing a fascinating panorama.”

A decade ago, social media wasn’t such a main part of people’s lives, so expect a mad rush of crowds wherever the ducks are because everyone needs to have selfies with the ducks. On June 5, a limited-edition merch drop will happen, because the DUCKS have to have merch now.

To find out more information, follow the DOUBLE DUCKS’ Instagram here.