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PENOMECO drops the new bap with ‘X’

The South Korean MC spits with a controlled frenzy

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 26 Jun 2023

Jeong Dong-uk, who goes under the moniker of PENOMECO, is a South Korean MC who’s been making waves in its Hip Hop circuit consistently for a couple of years now. The rapper introduced himself some nine years ago when he released his first single ‘Right There’.

Ever since then, he has built a decent discography and a name for himself. He is also part of the Hip Hop group, Fanxy Child, which includes other Korean stars like ZICO, Dean, and Crush amongst others. Back in April of this year, he dropped a brilliant EP titled [ Rorschach ] Part 1.

Fast forward to two months later, he released a follow-up to it, the eclectic six-track [ Rorschach ] Part 2. One of the standout tracks from the EP is ‘X’ – a four-minute anthemic number. The production on it features multiple influences, ranging from 90s Hip Hop to the contemporary Drill heard today.

Its instrumental in itself is a journey to take in, but PENOMECO’s fiery delivery of bars quickly overshadows it. He switches between an impassioned and collected flow, spraying his emotions in what feels like a controlled frenzy. In its music video, PENOMECO is featured going all out in huge warehouses, decked out in the freshest of fits.

Check out the official music video for PENOMECO’s ‘X’ below.