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JP the Wavy joins stellar cast of rappers on Fast & Furious 9 soundtrack

This is the first appearance of a Japanese rapper since Teriyaki Boyz in Tokyo Drift

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 1 Jun 2021

Weeks after our coverage on the TV series Warrior, Asian rappers are once again getting major shine in mainstream Hollywood. JP the Wavy, an emerging star of the Japanese Hip Hop scene, is joining a stellar lineup of rappers like Pop Smoke, King Von, Offset, and others to be featured on the Fast & Furious 9’s official soundtrack with his unreleased track ‘Bushido.’

JP the Wavy is no stranger to JHip Hop fans. The 28-year-old rapper has been widely recognized as a star of the younger generation since his debut in 2017. His gritty flow speaks the language of millennials and Gen Z while he gloats with old-school references alongside a Shibuya-inspired fashion-forward image. In fact, his debut track, ‘Cho Wavy De Gomenne’ became such a viral phenomenon that celebrities like Kirara Asuka were freestyling over the instrumental to the track.

Since then, JP the Wavy has collaborated with numerous renowned rappers and popstars such JuniorChef, OZworld a.k.a R’Kuma, Singh Ryu, HIYADAM, and SALU, translating his internet fame into a promising career and a versatile rapper, eventually landing him a spot on the Fast & Furious 9 soundtrack.

‘Bushido,’ featuring Good Gas, will be released with the F9 soundtrack later in June when the movie comes out in North America. The inclusion of ‘Bushido’ is a major achievement for not just JP the Wavy, but all Asian rappers in general for getting their names in global blockbusters.

While the track has not been released yet, LiFTED got the chance to preview the exhilarating sequel starring Vin Diesel and John Cena. Spoiler alert - the scene when ‘Bushido’ is played is a pivotal moment that will leave you stunned.

Watch GOOG GAS & JP THE WAVY's 'Bushido' below.