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VannDa recruits AWICH to pop lyrical champagne for his birthday on ‘6 Years in the Game’

Swag level on 100 for 2 of Asian Hip Hop’s leading artists

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 23 Jan 2024

Two of the deadliest MCs in Asian Hip Hop running their game in their respective countries have just combined for the biggest collab of 2024 so far. AWICH, Japan’s Queen of Hip Hop. who was just recently featured in GQ magazine, and VannDa, Cambodia’s Hip Hop superstar, pop some lyrical champagne for his birthday on ‘6 Years in the Game.’

In late December, AWICH traveled to Cambodia to perform in the final of The Rapper Cambodia Hip Hop reality show where MC Yuuhai won. VannDa was a judge and his management, Baramey Productions, was in charge. Instead of only flying in and out for the show, AWICH and VannDa recorded a track and filmed a video for ‘6 Years in the Game’ because this is what hustlers do.

One of the reasons why both MCs are at the top of their games is that they are fearless going into places where audiences don’t understand their language. They know how to rock parties, festivals, and nightclubs with their swag, and on ‘6 Years in the Game,’ both do it well. VannDa is up first sporting a doo rag and releasing the collab on his 27th birthday. AWICH comes in halfway through and makes her presence felt immediately. ‘6 Years in the Game’ is the collab we didn’t know we needed until it showed up and knocked our socks off.

Check out VannDa and AWICH’s ‘6 Years in the Game’ below.