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Shanti Dope drops 7-track EP Guns & Roses

Featuring 5 previously released singles & 2 new tracks

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 29 Nov 2023

When it comes to being the dopest in Filipino Hip Hop, there aren’t many who do it like Shanti Dope. After all, it's in his name, right? He’s been on a roll this year, steadily dropping singles starting from February, and now that we’re in the closing stages of the year, he caps it all off with an EP drop.

The EP, titled Guns and Roses, which was released on November 24, includes five of his previously released singles, namely, ‘’’97 Jay-Z’, ‘Down Timez’, ‘Palagi’, ‘Summer Madness’, and ‘Pull Up’. The two new tracks on it are ‘Bad Type’ and ‘Run It Back’, which features frequent collaborators HELLMERRY and The Grammies.

There’s a whole lotta of sounds and styles to dive into when listening to Guns and Roses – slow R&B flavors, club-ready thumpers, and even laid-back rhymes. If you’re looking for diverse sounds on a project, Shanti Dope’s Guns and Roses is for you.

Stream Shanti Dope’s Guns and Roses EP below.