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Fariz Jabba grabs SG’s biggest Rap star & friends to remix ‘Motley Crew’

Yung Raja, YAØ & YHB Sleepsalot join the party

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 16 Sep 2021

Don’t you love it when your favorite rappers join up for a collab that just knocks your socks off? Singapore’s Fariz Jabba is here to make your wishes come true, as he gathers the Lion City’s hottest rap star, Yung Raja, as well as some dope friends like YAØ and YHB Sleepsalot to add some spice to a remix of Post Malone’s ‘Motley Crew.’

Released on his YouTube channel, Fariz kicks off the remix with a catchy verse in English. YAØ comes in on the hook and really gives ‘Motley Crew’ that Asian vibe. YHB Sleepsalot is third up and he might be whispering, but his bars are loud and clear, flipping between English and Malaysian. Charming as always, Yung Raja enters in the last verse with his signature multilingual bars while cheekily plugging his own fashion brand, Peace Oeuvre.

In case you wonder what rappers do in recording sessions, ‘Motley Crew’ [Remix] got you covered. The music video shows viewers behind the scene footage of the gang in the recording studio, all hanging out like a true fam while exchanging creative thoughts. That’s how you know these boys are tight.

Watch ‘Motley Crew" [Remix] by Fariz Jabba, Yung Raja, YAØ & YHB Sleepsalot below.