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Yuuhai is The Rapper Cambodia’s first champion

The young MC’s journey is just beginning

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 27 Dec 2023

In recent years, Rap reality shows have become more popular because they are springboards to popularity. First, there is a cattle call for rappers, and they sign up to be on the show. Then judges cut the thousands of MCs down to a manageable amount like 20 or 30. These Hip Hoppers then get a chance to show the audiences their skills over a few weeks and grow their fan bases like crazy. Eventually, one rapper is chosen to be the winner, but anyone who is on the show has a chance to start releasing music and catching on fire. The winners are definitely not the only winners.

In Cambodia, Baramey Productions, Fire Kob PlerngKob, and BAYON Television with Hanuman Beverages produced the first-ever Rap reality show, The Rapper Cambodia, which just had its season finale with Yuuhai announced as the winner. Rapper Roxy was voted the Fan Favorite, while D.A.R.T. won for Best Solo Performance. The best collab went to Emi x Kan x Vanno for their song ‘3 Friends.’

Over the past few months, the top 25 rappers in Cambodia have been led on teams with OG rappers like VannDa, Juvie, Khmer1Jivit, KingChi, Norith & RuthKo, who all were part of the show’s theme song, ‘Who’s Next?.’ For the grand finale show, The Rapper Cambodia brought in the Queen of Japanese Hip Hop, AWICH, as well as Vietnamese superstar Suboi for amazing performances.

In the end, Yuuhai was crowned the champion of the first The Rapper Cambodia, and the young MC’s journey is just beginning.

Check out Yuuhai’s Final Rhyme on The Rapper Cambodia below.