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Lil Pump announced as Hip Hop headliner for Taiwan’s S20 festival

The ‘Gucci Gang’ rapper was supposed to come in 2020

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 6 Jul 2022

Spunite is hosting the huge outdoor 2022 S20 Taiwan Songkran Music Festival on August 27 and 28, a two-day party where everyone is guaranteed to get wet. For the past few weeks, they’ve been announcing their acts which have included some big names in the EDM scene including KSHMR and Danny Avila.

Away from the main stage and all the waterworks is the Money Bunny Hip Hop area. This stage will be headlined by Lil Pump on Sunday, August 28. This wasn’t a surprise to many because Lil Pump was announced as the headliner in 2020 before COVID-19 did its thing to Asia. At the time, Pump was excited to come to Taiwan even if there was a virus. “Even if you all are wearing protective gear, I’ll still come,” he said at the time. The festival has been delayed for two years, but it seems as though the pandemic is coming to an end and people are ready to party with Lil Pump.

This would be the first time the ‘Gucci Gang’ singer would make it to Taiwan. He was busy pre-pandemic days with his tracks like ‘ESSKEETIT’ which has half a billion YouTube views and the aforementioned ‘Gucci Gang’ with over a billion. Pump also had a hit with Kanye called ‘I Love It’ where they both dressed up in oversized suits, which became a hit at every Halloween party that year.

S20 Taiwan

This will be the first big Hip Hop act to come to Taiwan in a few years, so the Hip Hop lovers are anxiously waiting for the show.

All info about the 2022 S20 Taiwan Songkran Music Festival is here.