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16-year-old Chinese Bgirl 671 wins Outbreak Europe 2022

She’s the first-ever Chinese dancer to win a breaking championship

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 8 Aug 2022

Look out Paris 2024!

In two years, the Olympics will host breakdancing as a sport for the first time, and the Hip Hop world is excited. Enter 16-year-old Chinese Bgirl 671 [Liu Qing-Yi]. Over the weekend, she placed first in Outbreak Europe 2022, and now she’s a favorite to make it to France for the Olympics.

Going one-on-one against 123 other breakers, Bgirl 671 outlasted them all and set a new bar for female breakers with her power moves and relentless energy. In the finals, she faced Dutch veteran Bgirl India and beat her two to one.

Bgirl 671

Outbreak Europe was held in Slovakia over the past weekend with 30 countries represented by 600 breakdancers. Each international competition means more and more as the teams for Paris 2024 are starting to come together for each nation.

Check out part of Bgirl 671’s energetic final to win Outbreak Europe below.