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URBOYTJ’s new EP pokes fun at modern relationships

Happily Never After is a rollercoaster ride about lifelong love affairs

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 18 Feb 2022

Released five days after Valentine’s Day, Bangkok’s URBOYTJ’s latest EP, Happily Never After is a six-track rollercoaster ride that pokes fun at the unrealistic expectations of fairytale-like marriages portrayed by mainstream media.

The highlight of the album is ‘EVERYTHING,’ which was released as a single last December with a Japanese high school drama-style video. ‘EVERYTHING’ is nostalgic, bubbly, and catchy. Think Gym Class Heroes plus some dope verses by URBOYTJ. What really hits in this song is TJ’s style of cheeky humor, which fits right into the head-bopping melody.

The entire album is built on the same vibe. ‘Sub,’ ‘Out of Time,’ and ‘Forever Heartbeat’, which follow the adrenaline-boosting ‘Everything,’ are centered around different aspects of modern romance in humorous ways. URBOYTJ takes the initiative to deliver an emotional Rap EP while doing it with clever lyricism.

Check out ‘EVERYTHING’ or stream Happily Never After below.