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thuy’s ‘figure u out’ is sensuous R&B at it’s finest

The new single is part throwback & part modern-day jam

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 1 Mar 2022

Remember a simpler time? DVD players and Connect Four? Jenga and crossword puzzles? It was a time when all information wasn't available at your fingertips and everyone didn’t stare at a little black screen. It was a time when R&B girl groups thrived and made people feel a lot better at life. thuy’s latest video, ‘figure u out,’ is a throwback to those good times in the 1990s and 2000s when the simpler way of life prevailed.

‘figure u out’ is a sensuous R&B single off of thuy’s i hope you see this EP, which has compiled 20 million combined streams so far. The video for the track shows the playfulness of TLC, the sexiness of Aaliyah, and the wicked coolness of Destiny’s Child all at once.

thuy’s story is a good one. At the age of 9, she wanted to be a popstar because she was surrounded by music. There was a problem, though. No one who was a popstar looked like the Vietnamese-American. Later, she gave up her mic for a shot at a medical career. After a few uninspiring years in medical school, thuy got a night in a studio and it changed her life. She decided to focus on music and lean into her R&B stylings.

The interesting thing about ‘figure it out’ is that it would fit nicely in a DJ set on a throwback R&B night or on a modern-day playlist for hanging out at the pool or beach.

Check out thuy’s ‘figure it out’ below.