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Keilandboi ties together the old & new with ‘semafor’

The Indonesian MC goes hard on this take

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 4 Mar 2024

Hailing from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Keilandboi is an MC whose sound ties the glorious time of the 1990s and the modern age together. It isn’t easy to pay homage to the Golden era of Hip Hop without coming across as too gimmicky, let alone making it sound fresh.

However, it seems like Keilandboi has found the perfect recipe for it, and it’s as tasteful as it can be. Last August, he released ‘SONGKOK MERENG’, a track that samples traditional Indonesian instruments, while incorporating the flavors of Gangsta rap in it. Couple that with his hard-hitting delivery and a fast-and-furious flow. Needless to say, it goes hard.

On his latest single, ‘semafor,’ which arrived on all major streaming platforms on February 27, Keilandboi raps over a Trap beat instead. The way he spits on it though, is reminiscent of 2Pac, especially in the way he emphasizes the enunciation of the first syllables in the words.

Check out Keilandboi’s ‘semafor’ below.