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SB19 drops a spirited version of ‘Bazinga’ on the WISH 107.5 bus

The Wish Music Awards Group of the Year knows how to make people happy

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 15 Mar 2022

The WISH 107.5 bus is an institution in the Philippines and around the world. Although the base is Quezon City, its reach is global with many of the videos getting millions of views. For up-and-coming artists, it’s the perfect vehicle to reach new fans. For certified stars like SB19, it’s a great way to showcase their songs live for people who haven’t got to see them in concert.

On March 3, the WISH 107.5 bus YouTube channel released SB19 doing a live version of ‘Bazinga’ with thousands of fans lined up to see their favorite band. Just one month before, SP19 won Group of the Year at the Wish Music Awards, so this was payback for the station always throwing out their support.

While people may dismiss SB19 as an idol PHpop band, these guys do it up proper Hip Hop style. ‘Bazinga’ transforms from a Pop song to a Rap song to a Dubstep song and back in under three minutes. From the get-go, it’s easy to see that SB19 are seasoned vets when it comes to performing. By 30 seconds in, all the members are rapping, chanting, singing, and having a good time with each other in the close quarters. As each member raps or sings their verse, the other members are ad-libbing and hypemanning behind them.

The best thing about this live version of ‘Bazinga’ is that it's better than the other recorded versions. The group is bustling and cheerful, realizing that they are doing one hell of a show for the thousands of people that showed up outside the bus. SB19’s ‘Bazinga’ is a performance for the ages on a stage that has a lot of amazing artists dropping by all the time.

Check out SB19’s ‘Bazinga’ live on the WISH 107.5 bus below.