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Thaitanium diss themselves in ‘F. Thaitay’

The OGs are showing that Hip Hop is not just for young MCs

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 12 Jul 2022

About a month and a half ago, Thaitanium released their first single in five years, ‘Por Meung,’ which was a shot at the haters. Thaitanium believes they started Hip Hop in Thailand and were sick of not getting credit for it. The response was mixed as people were happy to see the OG rappers back, but also a little worried that they were turning into old heads. They even had to release a statement explaining that they weren’t mad at anyone in particular and happy with the younger Hip Hop scene in Thailand.

The band has now responded in song and video format with ‘F. Thaitay,’ out on Def Jam Thailand. Basically, the band is dissing itself, and it’s pretty wild. KH, SD, CALO, and DABOYWAY have a lot to say about what people say about them. In the video, the group is yelled at by ordinary Thais and said they drink all day or wear too much gold. They are even dismissed as being too old, their flow isn’t flowing, and they have buried themselves alive.


All of the members express themselves energetically, but the final verse by CALO is special. He disses himself in different scenes and switches his voice to make it sound like he’s answering and replying to himself. In the final line, CALO sums up the whole song with these lyrics, “You think I'm an old boy I can respect it/I think you don't get the message/22 years of building the culture/We deserve all kinda mentions/God damnit I get it you legends/I know you're not playing/But these people still walking round here saying/Fuck Thaitay.”

Hip Hop used to be a young MCs game. Now, the OGs are staying in the game and showing that there is room for everyone. Thaitanium proves that with the thought-provoking ‘F. Thaitay.’

Check out the video for Thaitanium’s ‘F. ThaiTay’ below.