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Spotify & Barcelona celebrate Drake achieving 50 billion streams with a special jersey during El Clasico

The OVO Owl made its way from Toronto to Barcelona

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 17 Oct 2022

Last night in Spain, the two footballing giants in Barcelona and Real Madrid went head to head in a match that’s dubbed the “El Clasico”, one of the fiercest rivalries in all of football. Spotify is the main sponsor of Barcelona – their home stadium was rebranded as ‘Spotify Nou Camp’ this year, and their jerseys have the Spotify logo on them.

However, something unprecedented happened for the highly anticipated El Clasico last night. Instead of the Spotify logo on their jerseys, it was changed to Drake’s OVO owl logo. This was done in celebration of the 6 God’s tracks amounting to a total of 50 billion streams on Spotify - a feat no other artist has achieved thus far. “This doesn’t feel real but it is,” Drake wrote on Instagram.

Drake has also been collaborating with the online betting platform Stake, and they shared that he had put an outrageous amount of money on Barcelona to win the game. Alas, all stakes come with risks, and it did not work out for the rapper this time around. The curse of Drake continued as Barcelona lost the match to their bitter rivals, and Drake lost out on a potential US$3.9 million dollar payout.

As of the time of writing, Drake’s ‘One Dance’ is his most streamed song on Spotify, with 2.4 billion streams. Edging right behind it is ‘God’s Plan’, with two billion to its name.