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Apashe & Raga are stoking fires on dancefloors with ‘Gasoline’

A glorious Belgian & Indian link up

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 4 May 2023

What do you get when an electronic music producer links up with an MC? A lot of times, the result is an outright banging track. John De Buck, who goes by the name of Apashe, is a dance music producer and DJ hailing from Belgium. On April 26, he released a collaborative single with none other than India’s very own Raga.

The fiery, high-energy track is aptly titled ‘Gasoline’, and best believe it’ll fuel you to get moving as its namesake would for vehicles. Apashe churns out a grimy and bassy beat for the track’s instrumental, with enough peaks and valleys to rile up an entire cricket stadium. Raja absolutely tears up the production with his deep voice and killer flow.

“You’re on fire like gasoline/You burn up the dance floor, you’re gasoline/Shaking up the whole country, you’re gasoline,” are the lyrics for the track’s hook. One could easily close their eyes and picture themselves on a packed dancefloor going completely nuts as it rings through.

The track’s accompanying music video, which was directed by Apashe himself and Adrian Villagomez is just as brilliant. The duo is seen riding motorcycles around a bonfire, cruising through the streets alongside a stellar cast of dancers who break out a hypnotizing choreography that’ll put you in a trance.

Check out the video for Apashe and Raga’s ‘Gasoline’ below.