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Roy Ricardo shows off his Indonesian Pride with new single ‘Cuma Di Indo’

The unapologetically authentic things are what make Indonesia special

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 27 Mar 2021

Singer, DJ, and rapper Roy Ricardo might be an unfamiliar name to the international audience, but he is considered to be one of the biggest rappers in the Indonesia Hip Hop scene. His recent release, ‘Cuma Di Indo,’ where he teams up with rising star Ecko Show, is a playful and upbeat track illustrating the unapologetically authentic side of Indonesian life.

Translated as ‘Only In Indo,’ Roy Ricardo and Ecko Show start with a cheerful tone, and as ‘Cuma Di Indo’ proceeds, the track gets more intense. The duo starts poking fun at some weird customs and crazy conventions of Indonesian life like seeing livestock on the road, a motorcyclist bribing the policemen, and aunties fighting over a discount. Many of these events may seem overly dramatic, but any Indonesians would tell you they have witnessed these things every single day.

The low-budget music video is a joyous watch as well because it has big dreams. Roy takes viewers on a wild ride with the aid of a green screen to show you viral videos and memes from Indonesia while spitting bars about his preference of rice over burgers or him being photoshopped riding a horse into the ocean.

As the days of traveling seem like they might be happening again at some point soon-ish, watching the music video of Roy Ricardo’s ‘Cuma Di Indo’ will give people a taste of the true Indonesian experience.

Check out Roy Ricardo featuring Ecko Show’s ‘Cuma Di Indo’ below.