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Off-White and KATSU join forces for mobile game OFFKAT

Pioneering game lets anyone become a graffiti writer

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 12 Jul 2021

KATSU is the type of boundary-breaking artist that always finds innovative ways to elevate the graffiti experience. His latest project blurs the boundaries between virtual and reality with the help of Off-White to release a Grand Theft Auto-esque mobile game, OFFKAT.

On July 2, Off-White’s founder CEO/founder Virgil Abloh announced the release of OFFKAT, a cross-platform mobile game that is heavily inspired by KATSU, the New York-based graffiti artist. The game is simple yet thrilling, as players start by choosing Abloh or KATSU as their character, and then roam in a fictional world called OFFKAT CITY tagging walls and collecting coins. There is a catch, though - the city is surrounded by surveillance systems and cops. Players must use stealth tactics while bombing to try and outsmart the police. Just like reality, if you slip up you get nailed.

With a simple control system and detail-oriented cityscape, OFFKAT emulates the ‘outlaw’ essence of bombing but without legal consequences. The in-game sound design is also solid, with dystopian electronic Trap and Hip Hop tracks.

KATSU is considered a modern-day legend in the street art scene, as he utilizes various platforms to confront the public with his art. He was the first to tag billboards with drones, pioneered the use of fire extinguisher spray cans, and has reproduced his skull tag from the scale of 1/20th of an inch [a grain of rice] to 120-foot New York rooftop, which is visible on Google Earth.

OFFKAT is now available to download for free at the App Store or on Android devices.

For some footage from OFFKAT watch below.