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Anyone can vote for the Wish Music Awards

Who has had the best Hip Hop performance on the Wish Bus this year?

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 7 Dec 2021

Wish 107.5 on the FM dial from Quezon City in the Philippines has taken radio to a whole new level by coming up with the Wish Bus. Instead of being stuck in some stogy building playing the music that they were told to, the Wish Bus took performances to the streets, alleys, parking lots, and parks, and in turn, to the people.

A few times each week, independent singers and rappers get on the bus and do their thing. The show is recorded and is blasted out on Wish 107.5’s YouTube Channel. These recordings become the stuff of legend as a lot of them go viral around the country.

Who is the best? For the past seven years, Wish 107.5 has held the Wish Music Awards which lets people vote for their favorite performances on the bus. Each genre [R&B, Rock, Ballads, Pop] has its own category so here are the nominees for the best Hip Hop performance on the Wish Bus.

Ez Mil ‘Panalo’

Sitting on 67 million views, the extremely talented Ez Mil song is a definite favorite to win it outright. He goes in on ‘Panalo’ and it feels like a riot is about to happen by the end of the track.

1096 Gang ‘Pajama Party’

Rap seems to be a lot more fun when you’re with your homies. Even solo rappers have hypemen to help out with the stage show. Here, on the Wish Bus playing ‘Pajama Party’ with an ill beat, 1096 Gang shows why they get a lot of love across the country as their laidback flows mesh nicely with each other while passing the mic back and forth.

MC Einstein ft. Flow G, Yuri Dope, and Jekkpot ‘Bahala Ka’

To make the final four of the Wish Music Awards, the video has to be damn good, and MC Einstein’s ‘Bahala Ka’ is great. Bringing along Flow G, Yuri Dope, and Jekkpot was the right move as all the MCs have a different style that fits well together as one.

Smugglaz ‘HakunaMatata’

Hakuna Matata, the phrase made famous by The Lion King, means ‘no trouble’ in Swahili, Smugglaz definitely has no trouble on the mic on the Wish Bus here. His vocal tones are perfect, and he really rides the beat like the experienced MC that he is.

So who is the best? The BIG song with all the views or will a crew pull it out? How about the smooth stylings of The Lion King? Voting goes on until January 3 so no one knows who is going to win yet. The one thing that is for sure is that the Wish Bus has a whole lot of talent on four wheels.

Vote for your favorite artists at the Wish Music Awards website here.