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MILLI takes home 2 awards at TOTY Music Awards 2021

The award show was live-streamed on YouTube & other social media channels

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 2 Mar 2022

Thai Hip Hop star MILLI had a really good night at the T-Pop Of The Year Music Awards 2021, also known as TOTY. Last night, she took home two trophies for Best Music of the Year [Group] with Tilly Birds called ‘Just Being Friendly’ and Best Music of the Year [Collaboration] with F.Hero and Changbin for ‘Mirror Mirror.’ MILLI also performed with MAIYARAP during the live stream. Sadly, MILLI wasn’t the big winner of the night. That title goes to the Tilly Birds, who took home five awards.

The 19-year-old rapper promises to be a mainstay at any Thai musical awards show, as long as her categorical rise in Thailand’s musical community keeps happening. She’s Hip Hop enough to have some street cred. She’s got Pop sensibilities so that everyone knows her name. She’s also political enough to make people adore her for standing up for what she believes. MILLI’s hybrid of Hip Hop and Pop is the future of what Thai music looks and sounds like.

Watch the TOTY Music Awards 2021 below.