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Prabh Deep refuses to let his peace get stolen in ‘Gyani’

The video is the first time the MC has directed a video

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 23 Nov 2021

On September 23, Prabh Deep promised his fans on Twitter that if he got his subscribers up past 100,000, he would drop a banger. Since his fanbase is rabid, the subscriber number crossed the threshold rather quickly, but no new songs appeared. Instead, Prabh issued an apology and said he had finished the song, but it wasn’t up to his standards. He finished with a promise of three bangers instead.

‘Gyani’ is not one of his new songs. It’s from his acclaimed album Tabia, but it’s the latest song he has released a video for. Not only is the beautiful track written and performed by Prabh, but he’s also behind the camera for his directorial debut.

In the video, a woman is getting ready for her maryada, the day before the big day in Indian wedding customs. She’s got her pearls and a beautiful white dress. But towards the end, she rips her mask off. She rips the pearls off. Instead of listening to what others are telling her, she does her own thing. She doesn’t need this outdated ceremony to be a real woman. As Prabh’s lyrics softly whisper “We tripping/He tripping/We tripping/She tripping” at the end, the protagonist gets fitted with her crown anyway. In the intro, the words foretell the ending, “Pick your crown and create your own kingdom.”

While one of Asia’s best MCs, Prabh definitely has an eye for style in his directorial debut ‘Gyani.’

Watch Prabh Deep’s ‘Gyani’ below.