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The future of museums is here at teamLab Massless Beijing

The world’s most visited museum makes a permanent home in China

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 17 Nov 2022

Interactive experiences and selfie art exhibits are cool for pictures for the ‘gram, but teamLab, an international art collective formed in 2001 in Tokyo filled with engineers, programmers, CG animators, and architects, are taking the future of museums very seriously. Dubbed ‘ultra-technologists,’ teamLab’s latest exhibition is a permanent one called Massless, opening November 19 at Beijing’s Chaoyang Joy City.

With 40 art installations spread over 10,000 square feet, Massless is focusing on blurring the lines between humans and art as visitors are encouraged to “become one with a world that transcends the notion of material substances.”

One of the coolest installations is when people graffiti inside the Blue Cave. Everyone is invited to draw on the paper provided by teamLab. As soon as people are done drawing, the pictures get added to the Blue Cave and they can go search for them in the shared ecosystem with the other drawings. Sometimes the art multiplies and is all over, while other times, the art gets eaten by other art. Each time someone visits the Blue Cave, their experience is totally different.

Blue Cave

One of the exhibits that has never been shown before is the EN TEA HOUSE. When visitors buy a drink, the cup lights up and changes colors as the specks of light ripple around the room.

teamLab knows that they are the future of museums because they even have the record of “most visited museum’ in the Guinness Book of World Records. If you are in Beijing, visiting Massless once or a few times is highly encouraged.

Check out all of the Massless exhibits and get ticketing information at their website here.